Wellness and Healing

Chakra Balancing Ritual

$120 / 60 min

An hour of complete relaxation with sound healing, and hot stones placed on the body while we work on your individual pressure points and meridians.


-A deeper awareness of self

- Access to positive feelings and more,

-As our Chakras are balances and awakened our potential for loving and healing is awakened

-It helps you handle stress better

-It challenges old patterns of behavior and transforms pain, negativity and uncomfortable emotions

-Clears energy blocks and reconnects to your vital life force

Essential Aromatherapy

$35 / 25 min

Add extra relaxation to your facial with our Essential Aromatherapy. First we will gently layer eight different essential oils to your spine and across your meridian points. Each essential oils is formulated to work with your parasympathetic nervous system to create exquisite tranquility.We will continue our journey with light cranial stimulation, and finish with reflexology to balance internal organs. 


$110 / 60 min

Reiki is the spiritual art of healing. Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. Claudia, our Reiki Master, will can help strengthen, balance and unblock energy during a session. During your Reiki session you will experience stress relief and ease of tension of the body. 

Theta Healing

$125 / 50 min